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The Robust Way Coffee Is Spiced Up In Morocco
What is Qahwa Ma’atra
If you visit Morocco you might not encounter the local Qahwa Ma'atra because it is typically reserved for the home. Accompanied by a traditional ritual, this brew contains upwards of five spices and is served by the female head of the household with guests receiving the first cups and participants enjoying several rounds.
Coffee in Morocco
Historically, Moroccans have preferred tea, particularly the local mint tea, rather than coffee because of the contentious history of coffee in Islamic religion and culture. It wasn’t until the French occupied Northern Africa in the 20th century that coffee became popular, spawning creations like Moroccan Qahwa Ma'atra.
Of course, Qahwa Ma'atra begins with black coffee prepared from freshly ground bold, dark roast beans. Aside from the coffee, the drink can incorporate everything from sweet spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves to more pungent spices like ginger, anise, and black pepper depending on the drinkers’ preferences.
How It’s Made
With the ingredients assembled, it's time to brew, and while you can brew your coffee any way you’d like, the traditional method involves boiling water and adding your ground coffee, fresh spices, and sugar directly to the pot. Once brewed, feel free to add sugar and milk to taste, and enjoy this flavorful coffee with loved ones.