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The Robot Bartenders At Circuit Of The Americas Serve Speedy Cocktails
We might not have flying cars, hoverboards, or lightsabers, but we do have robot bartenders. While robots working human jobs may sound like a sci-fi trope, they’ve likely already come to a city near you, and if you’re lucky enough to live in Austin, Texas, you can get a preview of the future of bartending at Circuit of the Americas.
Circuit of the Americas is a racing and concert venue that has recently turned to TendedBar, an A.I.-driven bartending system, to keep its drink lines moving quickly. The system uses facial recognition and QR codes to allow “regulars” to open tabs and verify their identities, and serves up drinks in as little as 15 seconds.
TendendBar isn’t alone in its innovation, and at the 2022 Bar & Restaurant Expo in Las Vegas, many A.I. bartenders could be found slinging drinks. One robot, Adam, even has two fists and can serve food, while BRILLO, short for Bartending Robot for Interactive Long-Lasting Operations, is designed to carry a conversation and remember regular’s drink orders.