Coffee beans covering a table
The Roast-To-Order Coffee Beans You Can Buy From Walmart
Walmart offers a roast-to-order coffee bean selection from gourmet coffee companies, offering the freshness and quality you'd expect when buying directly from a roastery.
Currently, the massive retailer is stocking products from Boca Java, a Colorado-based roastery with a passion for delivering the highest quality beans at maximum freshness.
According to Boca Java's website, they package the top 2% of arabica beans coffee, meaning that you're getting cream of the crop coffee from your local Walmart.
For $8.44 to $9.94 a pop, you can order an 8-ounce bag of fresh coffee beans through Walmart's website, which will be shipped to your nearest store within 24 hours of roasting.
There are 22 coffees to choose from, including decaf blends. The beans are roasted on Mondays and Wednesdays, so purchases later in the week might take a few days to arrive.