Salted caramel fudge candy served on a wooden board
The Right Way To Store Homemade Caramel Candy So It Stays Tasty
Homemade caramel candies are more delicate than they seem, and moisture levels can make or break them. Absorbing even a bit of extra water can change their texture and flavor.
Proper storage will keep the caramels' moisture levels in check, preserving their delightful taste and chewy consistency while preventing them from turning hard or gooey over time.
After cooking, cooling, and cutting your caramel, wrap each piece in wax paper, seal the ends by twisting them, and store them in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.
This technique will create a waterproof seal around the candies, ensuring that they stay fresh and tasty for up to nine months when kept at room temperature.
You can also store them in a sealed container or bag in the freezer, where they can last up to a year. Just remember to let the caramels warm up to room temperature before eating.