Bartender pouring cocktail from a shaker through the sieve to a glass on the bar counter
The Right Way To Ask The Bartender For A Surprise Drink
When done right, ordering a surprise drink at the bar leads to delightful discoveries. The key to doing it right is giving the bartender direction without prescribing every detail.
Experts suggest giving bartenders an idea of another drink you love or the spirit or flavor profile you'd prefer, so they have a good starting point for making you a drink.
Lex Madden, a bar manager, advises to use descriptors like "spirit-forward," "fruity," "juicy," "tart," or "on the sweeter side" and stick to just one spirit you'd like to drink.
Avoid vague requests like "make me something fun" or "surprise me," which can result in unsatisfying concoctions. They can also be frustrating to bartenders during a busy rush.