Chocolate cake with two layers and chocolate icing
The Rich Texas Cake That Features A Whole Cup Of Mayonnaise
Mayonnaise may seem like an odd addition to cake, but for Texans, it’s a classic staple in the aptly named “mayonnaise cake,” a decadently moist chocolate cake.
Mayonnaise cake or Texas mayo cake is typically a chocolate cake that uses an entire cup of mayo for a rich flavor, smooth texture, and incredibly moist crumb.
The cake became popular during World War II, when staples like butter, oil, and eggs were in limited supply and mayo was an accessible substitute.
The creation of the cake is credited to the wife of a Hellmann’s Mayonnaise employee, and the resulting dessert was supposedly so good that one diner paid $100 for the recipe.
In addition to adding tenderness, mayo can help preserve the moisture and flavor of baked goods for longer. The tangy vinegar taste is hardly noticeable.
You can add mayo to other cakes, from vanilla to apple spice, or even use it as a substitute for eggs and oil in cookies, brownies, and other baked goods.