Homemade brown rice with green cabbage, fried tofu and sesame seeds and soy sauce.
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The Rice Cooking Method That Ditches Conventional Measuring Rules
Filipino-American comedian Jo Koy talks about how he was taught how to make rice for the first time with just a pot, a "broken cup" to measure the grains with, and his index finger. He also reveals Asian households make rice perfect every time by using an unconventional measuring method referred to by Kitchn as "the knuckle method."
The method involves pouring rice into a pot, and using the lines on the inside of your index finger as a guide while adding water up to the first crease — also called the "distal interphalangeal (DIP) crease." Others use their middle finger, and some put their entire palm on the surface of the rice and then add water until it levels off at the back of their hand.
The method works well because when rice is poured into a pot and water is added, the liquid doesn't just sit on top — it actually gets in between the grains, and the amount of water that evaporates is roughly equivalent to the amount of water that reaches your finger's first crease. The downside of this method is that it only works for small quantities and isn't scalable.