bottle of Bulleit bourbon
The Revolver Cocktail Originally Included Bulleit Bourbon
The Revolver cocktail is a modern classic that packs bold and balanced flavors. It's a riff on the Manhattan, featuring whiskey, coffee liqueur, and a dash of orange bitters.
It was created in San Francisco in 2004 by mixologist Jon Santer when Bulleit was a new bourbon. He developed the Revolver to make use of a case of Bulleit he had on hand.
The concoction of rum-based Tia Maria and Bulleit included a dramatic smoking gun garnish: a flamed orange peel squeezed over the drink.
The craft cocktail scene was several years away, and most bars couldn't make syrups or elaborate creations, so his idea was to innovate with readily available ingredients.
This simple combination of coffee, whiskey, and orange gained popularity at the bars Jon Santer directed, and it's now found on cocktail menus around the world.