Frank Sinatra
The Restaurants Where Frank Sinatra Ate In Las Vegas
Atomic Liquors
The oldest bar in Las Vegas, Atomic Liquors was frequented by Sinatra and other celebrities because it was off the Strip and geared more towards the working class.
Golden Steer Steakhouse
This spot became Sinatra's favorite because, at the time, it was one of the few where the singers could hang out and eat together before showtime.
Villa d’Este
In 1982, Sinatra burped on stage and told the crowd it was from his delicious meal at this restaurant. They ended up booked for the entire week.
Piero’s Italian Cuisine
At the end of the '80s, Villa d'Este was renamed Piero's Italian Cuisine, where Sinatra would enjoy Pollo Vesuvio, his favorite dish, in a private room.
Cleopatra’s Barge
Located in Caesar’s Palace, this restaurant offered Sinatra and the Rat Pack a place to go without leaving the premises. It closed in 2020, but it lasted decades.