Many eggs lie broken on a shiny surface.
The Restaurant Salt Hack To Clean Up Uncooked Egg Splatters
Next time you accidentally drop an egg, try using the restaurant-approved cleaning method of sprinkling salt on the spill and easily wiping it up with a paper towel.
Putting salt on an egg spill and letting it sit for a few minutes draws out the viscous liquid and solidifies it, which makes it easy to separate from the counter and wipe away.
This trick doesn't work as well with spills on rugs and carpets. Remove as much of the egg as you can, then pour club soda on the spill and let it sit before dabbing with a towel.
For egg spills that have already hardened, wet a kitchen towel and place it on the mess for at least 10 minutes, which will soften the egg and allow you to wipe it away.