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The Restaurant Gen Z Favors The Most, According To A Survey
Generation Alpha are the new kids on the block, but its members are literally young children, making Gen Z the youngest generation that can make their own decisions about what to consume. When it comes to culinary matters, Gen Z is known for some pretty out-there food trends, but their dining preferences are surprisingly agreeable.
Piper Sandler's biannual survey asked 14,500 U.S. teens about their dining preferences, and other generations can probably agree with Gen Z's tastes. The restaurant that Gen Z favors the most falls under the category of fast-casual dining, and Chick-fil-A took the crown with an 18% share of teens' "favorite restaurant" responses.
Chick-fil-A has also held the number one spot in the American Customer Satisfaction Index for eight years in a row. The top five runner-ups for Gen Z's favorite chains are Starbucks, Chipotle, Olive Garden, and McDonald's, and it seems like no matter how different each generation may seem, none can resist the allure of fast, cheap, tasty food.