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The Restaurant Etiquette You Should Know Before Bringing Your Own Wine
Many restaurants carry a variety of wines, but sometimes you want to bring a bottle from your personal collection. There are certain etiquette rules to follow when bringing your own wine; firstly, VinePair recommends bringing a bottle worth at least $25, since showing up to a restaurant with cheap wine is greatly frowned upon.
You should also be prepared to pay a corkage fee between $10 to $40, since alcohol is such a large source of revenue for many restaurants, and they don't want to miss out on profits if patrons bring their own wine. Most importantly, call the restaurant first to see if you can BYOW, and ask about corkage fees and bottle limitations.
When choosing which wine to bring, make sure to take a look at the restaurant's wine menu beforehand so you don’t show up with a bottle they already carry. When dining, always show good manners to your in-house sommelier, and Wine Spectator recommends ordering a glass or additional bottle from the restaurant's wine list.