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The Reason You Shouldn't Reheat Tomato Sauce In The Microwave
There are many appliances that you can use to cook or reheat your food, but none are as convenient as the microwave. However, because microwaves interact with water molecules, causing them to heat rapidly and eventually come to a boil, there are certain liquid-based foods you want to avoid, including tomato sauce.
Tomato sauce heats quickly in a microwave because tomatoes contain 94% water, but, unlike water, which would boil and evaporate into steam, tomato sauce has a thicker and stickier consistency. The steam will form into bubbles beneath the sauce's top layer, causing it to burst all over your microwave.
Nevertheless, the tomato sauce can wind up leaving red stains all over the interior of your appliance from the airborne bits of tomato, vegetable oil, and spices, and cause a giant mess. The easy way to avoid this is to reheat your sauce on the stove where you can keep an eye on it and stir it when needed.