Hand pouring coffee from French Press into glass mug
The Reason You Shouldn't Push Down On Settled Coffee Grinds In Your French Press
Using a French press is one of the best ways to make coffee, but many beginner coffee makers make the mistake of thinking that pressing down the plunger makes a better brew.
On the contrary, using too much force to push down the plunger of a French press can stir up settled coffee grounds, resulting in a gritty and bitter cup of coffee.
As the coffee steeps, the fine particles settle at the bottom. If you press the plunger too forcefully, you can push these particles through the filter and into the coffee.
Not only will these particles disrupt the texture of the coffee and add unpleasant grit, but they can also lead to a bitter taste due to over-extraction.
Instead, push down until you encounter a slight increase in resistance, then stop. If there’s no resistance, your coffee grounds are too coarse and will result in a weak brew.