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The Reason You Shouldn't Order A Cappuccino After Dinner In Italy
Americans love their coffee, and often consume all kinds of coffee beverages at different points in the day from morning to evening. However, Italian coffee culture dictates that coffee should be consumed at designated times, including the cappuccino, and having this drink late in the day is a bit of a faux pas in its home country.
While Italian breakfast often includes a cappuccino — or is just a cappuccino — milk-filled coffee drinks are considered too heavy to cap off an evening meal, and are thought to disrupt the digestive process. Nothing is stopping you from having cappuccino after dinner, but get ready to be labeled as an obvious tourist if you do.
If you want to fit in with Italians, try an espresso or a caffè macchiato if you want a late-night or midday pick-me-up. rather than a cappuccino. Additionally, Eataly warns that you don't want to ask for a to-go cup, since coffee is meant to be a social drink that is properly savored by sitting down in the place where you ordered it.