Side view of black coffee maker and pot
The Reason You Shouldn't Leave Drip Coffee On The Heating Element
Too Long
It’s normal to make a large pot of coffee when you plan on going back for more, but leaving your pot full of java on the hot plate will actually end up burning your coffee.
Leaving your coffee exposed to heat for more than 30 minutes will burn off the complex flavor notes and dimensional profiles of the beans, especially in a fine artisan blend.
Hot plates also cycle on and off, which can make your coffee cold even if you leave it on the plate. The solution is to brew smaller pots of coffee at a time and make more later.
If you must make a larger pot, remove it from the hot plate when it's done and heat it up later. A microwave will work, but the stovetop will keep the coffee tasting better.
You can also transfer a batch of coffee to a thermos like a Stanley Growler or a thermal carafe like ones by Cresimoone. It will stay hot for hours as you go about your morning.