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The Reason You Shouldn't Cook Bacon Directly From The Fridge
Cold pork simply won't do when it comes to delicious, consistently cooked pork products, especially for bacon. Whatever level of crispiness you like for your bacon—crisp, extra crisp, burned, or precisely browned—starts with not frying it straight from the refrigerator.
Bacon comprises equal amounts of meat and fat, and since fat keeps its coldness longer than meat does, it is essential that both ingredients fry at the same temperature for even cooking. So, before placing your bacon in a hot skillet, let it wait on the counter.
While letting it sit at room temp for 15 minutes is good advice, Bon Appètit recommends first laying your bacon in a cold pan, then setting it on medium-low to medium heat, and cooking your bacon like pork roast, low and slow. This method allows the bacon (both fat and meat) and the pan to all come up to temp at once.