A bowl of chicken noodle soup with carrots
The Reason You Shouldn't Add Too Many Veggies To Chicken Soup
Chicken soup usually includes celery, carrots, onions, and other aromatic vegetables to enhance the taste of the chicken, adding depth and flavor to the broth.
However, too many vegetables can overwhelm the dish, turning it into vegetable soup with a side of chicken. In particular, a huge quantity of veggies can make the soup too sweet.
Use only three or four types of vegetables in your soup. Choose veggies that aren't too overpowering in taste, such as celery, potatoes, or even a bit of spinach.
The amount of chicken you use should always outweigh the vegetables. For example, if using one pound of chicken, add two carrots, two potatoes, and two cups of greens at most.
It's easy to boost the flavor of your soup without overloading it with vegetables. Try seasoning the chicken with rosemary and oregano, or turmeric and ginger to give it spice.