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The Reason You Should Use More Than One Baking Sheet With Cookies
Cookies are a beloved treat that evoke fond memories of childhood, but once you grow up and it's time to make some all by yourself, it's not exactly a cake (or cookie) walk. However, if you feel ready to make multiple batches of cookies, this one technique will ensure that all of them are baked just right.
When baking cookies in batches, use more than one baking sheet for the best results. Baking sheets take a while to cool after you take them out of the oven; once your first batch of cookies is done, you either have to wait forever for the baking sheet to cool so you can use it again, or you can use it when it's still hot… which we don't recommend.
If you reuse your baking sheet before it has cooled, your next set of cookies will spread too much in the oven and can even fuse together. With multiple baking sheets on hand, you can swap them between batches, using only baking sheets that are at proper room temperature, and ensure delicious, evenly-baked cookies.