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The Reason You Should Try Using Ginger Ale To Make Crepes
Crepes are thin French pancakes that are soft, large, and perfect for wrapping around delicious sweet and savory fillings. To achieve a light and delicate texture, crepes can benefit from a little carbonation, and to upgrade your average crepe recipe, you may want to consider adding ginger ale to the batter.
Baking Like A Chef explains that to make crepes, you only need milk, flour, eggs, a little salt, and some oil or butter for frying. However, the Kitchn takes it a step further and recommends adding ginger ale to make the pancakes light, since the soda is full of bubbles, and it also adds a subtly sweet gingery taste.
If you are feeling adventurous, ginger ale isn't the only soda you can add to your homemade crepes. Adding rich colas like Coke or Dr. Pepper to chocolate crepes may not be that far-fetched of an idea, and orange soda may even work with crepes paired with citrus zest or fresh fruit.