Bowl of chicken noodle soup
The Reason You Should Think Twice Before Ordering The Soup Of The Day
When dining out, you may be tempted by the "soup of the day," or in elegant French, "soup du jour." However, you might want to reconsider due to what goes into the soup.
The soup of the day often uses the odds and ends that a kitchen has left over. The soup may be a resourceful menu item, but is not guaranteed to use the freshest ingredients.
Plus, some restaurant soups are not made in house and come from a store-bought can. Luckily, there are ways to make sure you order a soup that's fresh and homemade.
Avoid soups that are easy to find in can form, like tomato. Order items like bouillabaisse or gumbo, which are multi-layered soups that cannot easily be made from a can or mix.
Also try opting for soups containing seasonal ingredients that are hard to fake in the off-season, like she-crab soup or creamy watercress soup.
Lastly, ask the server how long the soup of the day has been in rotation. If it's been served all week, it’s likely older and less appetizing than other, fresher soups on the menu.