Raw veal shank steak on black wooden background
The Reason You Should Think Twice Before Buying Bright Red Cuts Of Meat
Meat that is bright red is often sourced from younger animals that were freshly slaughtered. This may seem like a good thing, but doesn't necessarily indicate flavor or quality.
The meat of a younger animal has not developed the muscle or fat enough to yield much flavor. Generally, darker meat is often more tender and flavorful.
Red meat will naturally change color the moment it is processed and begins to absorb oxygen. It can go from the vibrant red colors to darker reds and purples.
These darker reds and purples are usually indicative of meat that has been cut from an older animal, one whose muscular structure is better developed and contains more fat.
This is why darker red or purple meat is not unsafe to eat. However, if meat is beginning to turn brown or gray and is putting off an unusual odor, it has begun to spoil.