Shrimp and grits in a pot
The Reason You Should Store Grits In The Freezer Instead Of The Pantry
With its filling porridge-like texture and pleasing corny flavor, grits are a great pantry staple. However, while we call them a "pantry" item, they should be kept in the freezer.
Grits are a dry good, but not as shelf-stable as something like flour. This type of ground corn is more like a nut meal or whole grain blend, since it keeps the corn germ intact.
Stone-ground grits have a coarse texture, and the corn germ makes them more perishable. They won't go bad quickly at room temp, but in the freezer, they'll last much longer.
Grits stored in a pantry will retain their fullest flavor for three to six months. However, if you store them in the freezer, they’ll stay fresh-tasting for six months to a year.
If you haven’t opened your package of grits, you can throw it directly in the freezer. If you have opened the package, seal the grits in a freezer-safe zip top bag first.
Instant grits last even longer in the freezer than stone-ground, but have an inferior flavor. Let any type of frozen grits warm up to room temperature before cooking them.