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The Reason You Should Rinse Oranges
Oranges are nutritious and delicious fruits that can be used in many ways. However, while you may often not feel the need to wash your oranges as the citrus fruit's flesh is hidden under the thick rind, oranges, as well as all other fruits and vegetables with inedible skins or rinds, need to be washed just as well as other produce.
The surface of the orange rind contains bacteria, as well as potentially lingering pesticides, dirt, and germs from being frequently handled. If you’re cutting the fruit, the knife can transfer surface bacteria inside the fruit during the process or your hands might end up carrying the rind's germs, which can then get transferred to the orange when you touch it.
Therefore, you should thoroughly run the fruit under cold water for a few minutes, using either a brush or your hands to wash away any lingering bacteria. You can also soak your oranges, along with other fruits and vegetables, in a mixture of three parts water, and one part white vinegar in a clean sink or bowl for roughly 10 minutes.