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The Reason You Should Never Wash Potatoes In Advance
From hearty winter dishes to French fries and potato salad, potatoes are a versatile and sturdy food that can be enjoyed year-round. The only drawback is that potatoes are some of the dirtiest fresh produce, so washing them is an important step, but you don’t want to wash them too soon.
When stored properly—in a cool, dark place—potatoes can last up to two months, making them a go-to pantry staple, but washing them before storing can make them damp and more prone to spoiling. It’s best to wash potatoes just before using, rather than in advance, as they can collect more bacteria after washing.
If you need to prep in advance, you can wash and peel your potatoes and store them in a sealed container filled with water in the fridge for up to one day, just give them another wash before you use them. And if you’re facing tough dirt while washing, you can soak your potatoes for about 20 minutes before washing.