Tailed shrimps piled together over ice
The Reason You Should Never Remove Shrimp Tails Before You Cook Them
While many people remove the tails before cooking and eating shrimp, there are many benefits to leaving them on. They make shrimp easier to grip while you prepare or eat them.
The tails will also give your dish extra flavor and moisture, and make the shrimp look larger and more visually appealing. When eaten, the tails are even beneficial to your health.
Shrimp tails are digestible and rich in protein, fiber, iron, calcium, and vitamin B. It should be noted the tails don't add as much flavor if you cook shrimp for a short time.
The tails contain water-soluble compounds that accentuate the shrimp's umami taste and aroma. A slow boil or stewing releases the compounds better than a quick sauté.
If you don’t want to eat the tails, take them off after cooking and use them in different ways, such as boiling them with carrots, celery, and onions to make shrimp stock.