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The Reason You Should Never Microwave A Hard Boiled Egg Whole
Eggs are a nutritious breakfast staple that can be prepared in many different ways, including hard-boiled. While hard-boiled eggs should be chilled before eaten, they don’t have to be — but make sure you don’t warm up your hard-boiled egg in the microwave.
Whether your hard-boiled egg is already peeled or not, nuking it in the microwave can lead to an explosion. Microwaves heat up liquids within a food, and since hard-boiled eggs have a lot of moisture, the steam pressure will build within the egg white and cause it to erupt.
This advice is crucial to follow, as the egg eruption can even be delayed until you cut or bite into the egg, running the risk of a burn. To properly heat up your boiled eggs, cut them into quarters before microwaving them, or place them into a bowl or cup of hot water until they're heated through, which only takes about three to five minutes.