Food: Closeup of Oscar Mayer hot dog.
Weston, CT 6/15/2017
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The Reason You Should Never Make Your Own Hot Dogs
Store-bought hot dogs aren't known to be the healthiest things you can eat, and since most foods are more nutritious and delicious when made at home, you may have thought about making your own hot dogs. However, for the average home cook, this task is easier said than done, and might just end in frustration.
According to the Food Republic, most hot dogs sold today are made of "skeletal meat," or the bits of meat attached to an animal's bones. Not only is sourcing this kind of meat difficult, but you'll also need to use an expensive sausage stuffer in order to churn out uniform hot dogs without a lot of grueling hands-on effort.
Hot dogs are also emulsified sausages, made of meat that is ground very finely into a paste. Food Network says that emulsifying skeletal meat is not easy, and no matter how much you pound and blend the mixture, it most likely won't yield the soft texture of store-bought dogs, so it's likely best to leave hot dog making to the pros.