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The Reason You Should Keep The Lid On Your Charcoal Grill
It's long been a topic of debate amongst grill masters whether you should keep the lid on or not when grilling, specifically for charcoal grills. However, most agree that keeping the lid on is the best way to achieve a perfect grill.
The Kitchn explains that opening the lid of a charcoal grill doesn't typically release the built-up heat but instead brings in a rush of oxygen that heats the coals to higher temperatures. It is best to raise the lid only to monitor or flip the grill's contents to avoid burning food.
Miami Beach chef Sean Brasel adds that closing the lid will create a mouthwatering smoky flavor in your food, and adding woodchips further enhances the flavor. Keeping the lid closed when cooking thick meat or vegetables will help retain a moist interior while allowing that desirable charred exterior.