Martini in glass with olive garnish
The Reason You Should Consider Choosing Gin Over Vodka In Your Martini
Whether they're made with gin or vodka, shaken or stirred, dirty or dry, martinis come in many variations. If you usually opt for vodka, consider trying gin in your next martini.
Although vodka martinis are considered to be the classic, gin can offer a more flavor. It's infused with botanicals ranging from juniper to citrus peel to countless others.
Gin can add welcome complexity and dimensionality to a simple, understated cocktail. Gin martinis have floral, herbaceous, and piney notes that make for a more interesting sip.
Vodka is quite flavorless, so the flavor of vodka martinis often comes primarily from vermouth. If you like less vermouth in your drink, gin can ensure that it won't be bland.