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The Reason You Should Be Adding MSG To Salad Dressing
A well-balanced salad dressing, which, for the most part, is quick and easy to whip up, can elevate your salad with perfect consistency and flavors. While there are a variety of recipes out there for a perfect salad dressing, we've found a few reasons adding MSG as a final ingredient to your dressings can prove to be a game-changer.
As it turns out, MSG can level up the umami flavors in salad dressings by adding more savoriness and balance among the acidic and fatty elements of dressings, which makes the salad taste much better. Umami can be found in aged cheese, mushrooms, anchovies, cured meat, and plenty of other foods that are commonly associated with the term "savory."
In terms of how much MSG to add, this depends on whether you'd like to add MSG to the dressing or the salad. While a teaspoon of MSG should be sufficient if you’re adding it directly to the dressing, up to four direct shakes of the MSG container should suffice if you plan on adding it on top of the salad—in that case, make sure you mix well before adding the dressing.