Noodle and shrimp stir fry on white plate
The Reason You Should Always Use Sliced Garlic In Your Stir Fry
When making stir-fry flavored with garlic, slicing the cloves is a better choice compared to mincing them, or using store-bought minced garlic or garlic powder.
Minced garlic can burn or lose its flavor under the high heat needed to cook stir-fry. Sliced garlic cooks more evenly, develops a balanced flavor, and adds texture to each bite.
Sliced garlic maintains a mellow flavor post-cooking that isn't too sharp, nor weak and artificial. Peel about 3-4 cloves per batch of stir fry, trim the ends, and slice thinly.
For larger slices, cut the cloves lengthwise. Sauté the garlic briefly, add the other ingredients, and proceed with your recipe for a dish with a rich and mellow garlic flavor.