Spoon of olive oil on top of olives
The Reason You Should Always Keep 2 Bottles Of Olive Oil On Hand
Olive oil is a staple that no kitchen should be without, and while you may think one bottle is good enough to use for any purpose, you should keep two kinds on hand.
You should have a bottle each of light and extra-virgin olive oil on hand. Light olive oil is best for cooking, while extra-virgin is best for drizzling on top of dishes afterward.
Light olive oil is more highly processed and filtered, meaning it has less flavor, but a higher heat tolerance. It's best for cooking since it won't burn or deteriorate.
Extra-virgin olive oil is more flavorful and higher quality, meaning it should be reserved for use as a finishing oil so that its flavor can shine through.
Moreover, keeping two separate types of olive oil means you can buy smaller containers of each. You'll be able to use them up before they oxidize, which affects their quality.
Since the containers are smaller, less oxygen will build up inside as you use the oil, mitigating oxidation. Your oils will taste better for longer, with none of it going to waste.