Block of parmesan with shredded cheese on wooden platter
The Reason You Should Add Parmesan To Cooked Pasta Before Any Sauce
For a perfect plate of pasta, you sometimes have to experiment with advice that seems counterintuitive, such as adding cheese to the noodles before you add the sauce.
Grated parmesan is commonly used to finish pasta dishes, but it also makes a big improvement when added directly to the noodles, helping the sauce stick to the pasta better.
When grated parmesan is sprinkled over hot, plain pasta, the cheese adheres to the noodles, creating a creamy, cheesy, textured coating that helps to meld the pasta with the sauce.
Use freshly grated parmesan, which melts more smoothly and has a richer flavor. Sprinkle it on the pasta right after you drain it and gently mix before adding your sauce.