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The Reason You Should Add Baking Powder To Your Mashed Potatoes
The fluff factor makes a bowl of creamy mashed spuds even more irresistible. But if you want to elevate your bowl of mashed potato from just a fluff factor extravaganza to the level of culinary art you’ve got to add this one simple ingredient, baking powder.
While we usually talk about baking powder when it comes to making doughs rise, it can also apply to mashed potatoes. Pop just a pinch of powder into your pot and your mashed potatoes will become so light and airy that they might be confused for heaven in a bowl.
However, if you’re out of baking powder, don’t fret, because baking soda will do. But baking soda requires a delicate hand and just a light sprinkle will do because if you add a little too much, the soda will impart a bitter and salty taste.