Dry-aged raw T-bone or porterhouse beef steak set on old dark rustic background
The Reason You May Not See Dry-Aged Steak At The Grocery Store
The aging process used to create dry-aged beef allows it to develop a hard outer crust as natural enzymes to break down the muscle tissue, creating an extra tender and rich steak.
Since this process takes a long time, you likely won’t find dry-aged steaks at grocery stores. The average store won't bother with the time, effort, and attention required.
According to meat refrigeration company Steak Locker, the ideal amount of time to dry age steak is 21 to 45 days. This leads to a high price that doesn't appeal to most customers.
Some high end grocery stores, like select Whole Foods, offer these steaks, but more reliable options are to order them from butcher shops online or dry age steaks at home.
Poor Man's Gourmet Kitchen says you can dry age any steak in a home fridge as long as the meat is dry, protected from other contaminants, and has even exposure to cool air.