Concord grapes hanging from the vine
The Reason You Can't Usually Find Concord Grapes In The Grocery Store
Interestingly, the only native grape in the U.S. — the Concord — usually isn't found in stores. As it turns out, they're not as tough as their overseas cousins.
Concord grapes have thin skin, which means the pulp slips right out with little effort. They are good for cooking and making juice but don't hold up against transport.
Jostle them around too much and you'll split the fruit's skin, resulting in a sticky mess. When you buy them, you might find split skins and juice at the bottom of the container.
Concord grapes have a short harvest season, lasting through September. Washington, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio grow them on a mass scale, so check farmer’s markets.
It is a popular grape for home-growing, so you can enjoy them right off the vine, but Minnetonka Orchards says to be patient, as the vines often won’t produce for a few years.