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The Reason Vodka Is Served Cold
Really, there's no wrong way to drink or store vodka — in any format, it'll deliver the booze and never spoil, but drinkers prefer to consume this nearly flavorless spirit cold. So why is the temperature of this high-proof spirit taken more into account than liquors served straight from the cabinet?
Drinking a cold shot goes down smoother due to compounds known as volatiles that readily vaporize, a process which contributes flavors to liquors. Since vodka is distilled for a clean, smooth taste rather than complexity, limiting the flavor is desirable, especially with low-cost bottles.
For savoring both a vodka's flavor and texture, the fridge rather than the freezer will provide the ideal temperature. A slight chill will still impart the 'creaminess' — or the pleasant texture a person may enjoy — while maintaining some of the flavors that differentiate vodkas during fermentation.