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The Reason Twin Blade Wine Openers Are Better For Old Bottles
Whether you've purchased an expensive aged wine from a retailer or you've been aging wine in your home cellar, corks can be a struggle to remove if they are brittle or broken. There are a variety of hacks to remove a broken cork from a wine bottle, but the best way to extract a cork out in one piece is with a twin-blade wine opener.
Twin-blade openers, also known as ah-so openers, feature two blades that are inserted alongside the cork and then carefully lifted out of the bottle. Along with removing wine corks in one piece and ensuring no bits are left sitting in the wine, twin-blade openers allow you to place the cork back in the bottle for storage.
Properly inserting the cork back into the bottle may require some work if the cork is damaged, but nevertheless, if you aren't drinking the wine in one sitting, it should be re-corked. Re-corking aged wine bottles with an ah-so opener lets you enjoy the wine much longer, and prevents the wine from spoiling or altering the flavor profile.