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The Reason Steakhouses Use Super
High Heat
Grilling a steak seems like a task that's simple enough, but steakhouse chefs use a number of techniques to put up a plate of premium beef. One steakhouse technique that is difficult to pull off at home is getting a perfect crust by searing the steak with extremely high heat.
According to Best American Steakhouses, restaurant infrared broilers can reach temperatures of around 1,650 degrees Fahrenheit — much hotter than the maximum temperature of the standard home oven. If you're determined to get that steakhouse sear at home, there are options available.
Cooking your steak over a charcoal grill or in a super-hot cast-iron pan can help to create that desired crust. If you are really invested in making a steakhouse-level steak at home, you can buy a searing grill like the Otto Wilde Grill, which can reach 1,500 degree Fahrenheit in just a few minutes.