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The Reason Starbucks' Original Pike Place Location Doesn't Serve Food
Starbucks may be known for revolutionizing coffee, but in 2003, the chain began selling food, eventually expanding its offerings from hot and cold breakfast items to a full lunch menu. Today you can get a breakfast pastry, cake pop, or grilled cheese at almost any Starbucks, aside from the chain’s original location at the Pike Place Market in Seattle.
At the original Starbucks, you’ll find plenty of history, but no food, because the original lease for the location specifically prohibited the sale of food, which has oddly carried over to the present day. Luckily for hungry customers, there are four other Starbucks locations within walking distance of the historic store.
Also, when the first Starbucks opened in 1971, the store didn’t even serve ready-made drinks; just coffee, tea, and spices in bulk. It wasn’t until 1987 that they started serving drinks, and while the original Starbucks does carry your favorite beverages, store supervisor Tony Reyes says that customers visit “to experience a piece of history.”