Yeast settlesin the light of a champagne bottle
The Reason Some Distillers Use Champagne Yeast To Make Tequila
The first step in making liquor is inducing fermentation by adding yeast, which transforms grains, potatoes, or agave into something entirely different.
When making tequila, the most common yeast strain to use is saccharomyces cerevisiae, but some distillers use champagne yeast for a unique twist on this agave liquor.
Lalo González, co-founder of LALO Tequila, told Tasting Table, "We use champagne yeast strain to highlight the balance and fruity flavor profiles of the highland agave."
Temperature and aging also play a significant role in the final liquor, as yeast is sensitive and reacts to different stimuli. This can be taken advantage of to play with flavors.
González suggests that choosing a yeast is all part of "the art of balancing flavors during distillation, as there are many different strains across the tequila industry."