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The Reason Soda Cans Keep Getting Slimmer
The process of manufacturing canned soda was perfected by 1948, but that doesn't mean that the cans themselves haven't gone through evolutions. Today's canned beverages from Coke to trendy seltzers are changing at a fast and furious pace, becoming slimmer and taller than their predecessors from past decades.
CNN reports that the soda industry has started using slimmer cans because the design appeals to consumers who are trying to be healthier without giving up the things they love. Thinner cans make the beverages appear less "bad" for you, but that doesn't mean they actually hold less soda, and serving sizes differ by brand.
Pepsi actually took skinnier cans for a test drive more than a decade ago. Though they weren't well-received at the time, word has now spread that thinner cans save companies money and help move more product by using less metal and less space, allowing producers to fit more cans in shipping trucks and on store shelves.