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The Reason Skate Is An Overlooked Seafood Option In The US
Unless you’re a fish aficionado, you may not have heard of skate before. Skate is a flat, aquatic creature that has wings and a tail, giving them an almost manta-ray look. It is commonly enjoyed in northwestern European and Mediterranean cuisine, and while it is growing in popularity in the U.S., there are a few reasons skate is still an overlooked seafood option.
Skate is a nocturnal, bottom-dwelling fish, and as such, it isn’t exactly easy to catch. In fact, when they are caught, it’s usually by accident, and then they’re used as lures for crustaceans or even tossed into the garbage. When cooked, skates can be finicky; if served too fresh, they have a disagreeable texture, but they spoil easily if not kept under icy conditions.
When served properly, skates boast delectable scallop-like flavors, carry a good deal of protein, and can be a cheaper seafood alternative. However, skate can be hard to get your hands on unless you go to a specialty store, and if you do find it, make sure it was ethically sourced, as skates have been declared an endangered species.