Bar with high black chairs
The Reason Sitting At The Bar Is The Ultimate Restaurant Hack
At a restaurant, you might want a booth or table for two for private conversation with a dining companion, but in all other cases, the greatest seat is always at the bar.
A bar seat is great for quicker seating and service, and many bars serve a special menu. The bartender can usually enter your food and drink order right away.
A seat at the bar usually requires no reservation, and the bartender is likely knowledgeable about the restaurant and can help you choose menu selections and drink pairings.
Don't overlook the drinks and casual bites you can only order on the bar menu. Chefs craft these menus to focus on interesting flavors paired with ease of drinking and eating.
A bar seat also serves double duty as a solitary place to enjoy eating alone, or a communal gathering spot that's perfect for chatting with friends or fellow patrons over a meal.