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The Reason Putting Your Elbows On The Table Is Considered Rude
Some of us have seen this rule in etiquette guides, while others have heard it straight from their parents' mouths: “Elbows off the table!”. Whether or not you believe that putting one's elbows on the table during a meal is rude, you may still wonder where this rule came from, and if there's any logic behind it.
Etiquette actually originated as a way to keep diners from fighting during meals, and placing your elbows on the table can be perceived as aggressive or confrontational. Nowadays, fighting at dinner is less of a problem than slouching in your seat, and keeping your elbows off the table promotes better posture.
While the elbow rule has been around since biblical times (check out Ecclesiasticus 41:19), it has fallen out of practice. Taste of Home named it as one etiquette rule that no one follows anymore, and experts say that it is acceptable to put your elbows on the table before ordering, between courses, or after your table has been cleared.