Photo taken in Bielefeld, Germany
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The Reason Pumpkins Are Technically Berries
Pumpkins are a favorite in pies, roll cakes, and more, but also play a role in plenty of savory dishes such as pastas and soups, meaning that we may forget that these pumpkins are actually fruits. In fact, pumpkins are technically berries, even though the largest pumpkin in the world weighs more than a baby elephant.
Botanic Gardens explains that pumpkins are a type of berry called a “pepo,” a term that applies to any fruit from the gourd family that has a fibery, tough rind and many seeds on the inside. Other pepo fruits include melons and cucumbers, which also seem like they couldn't be more different from tiny raspberries and blueberries.
Pumpkins can be pureed, roasted, thrown in stews, and even mashed into beverages, which makes them more versatile than many other fruits. Even if you'll never get used to thinking of pumpkins as berries, you can buy them in the produce section to make plenty of sweet treats, just as you would with strawberries or blackberries.