Paper striped bucket with popcorn isolated on white background with clipping path.
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The Reason Popcorn Was Almost Banned In Movie Theaters
Popcorn once carried a questionable reputation as it was messy, loud, and did little to enhance opera house-style film halls. But that didn’t stop street vendors from setting up their stations just beyond the entrances of movie theaters to sell it to patrons who would sneak their popcorn bags inside, much to some people’s dismay.
In 1949, a senator from Oregon moved to eliminate the presence of popcorn in theaters, and claimed the anti-popcorn bill was put forth with public welfare in mind. The proposed law demanded that anyone found eating popcorn in theaters be thrown out, and businesses permitting it be penalized with either jail time or hefty fines.
Theater owners pushed back against the ludicrous law, arguing that popcorn eating can be considered an American's pursuit of happiness. Thanks to their persistence, the bill was ultimately quashed, and buttery popcorn can still be found in movie theaters throughout the United States today.