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The Reason People Drop Sugar Cubes In A Glass Of Champagne
You may have seen drinkers add a sugar cube to their champagne at celebrations, get-togethers, or even in movies. While it's true that adding sugar to bubbly can make it sweeter and more pleasant to drink for those with a sweet tooth, the origin of this custom actually has more to do with an old superstition.
Italian culture is home to plenty of superstitions, and it's up to each person to make sure they and people around them aren't cursed with bad luck. For instance, if you spill wine at the dinner table, you have to sab some of it behind your and each diner's ear, and you want to keep evil away, you drop a sugar cube into your champagne.
According to an Italian old wives' tale, the devil never wants to see anyone happy, and since champagne already makes people happy, adding sugar is an extra precaution against evil and bad luck. While this practice may have started with superstition, lots of people enjoy a little sugar in their bubbly just for a kiss of sweetness.