chicken wings on a flat top grill
The Reason Oil Is The Key To Cleaning A Flat Top Grill
Flat top grills are versatile tools for backyard cooking, and maintenance is key for helping them work better and last longer. You can easily use oil to combat rust and staining.
Cleaning and seasoning your grill with oil can get rid of stuck-on food and prevent rusting. Oil lubricates debris and lifts it off the flat top while protecting the surface.
Apply 1 tablespoon of oil (preferably flaxseed oil) for a two-burner grill and 2 tablespoons for a four-burner grill. Don't use too much, or the thick layer of oil can go rancid.
A metal scraper or porous grill stone easily rubs off debris. To remove rust, repeat the process and wipe the grill between each repetition, then season it with more oil to finish.